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Frequently asked questions

We gladly take time for you

We accompany you in all matters and are available to advise you on all questions. After losing a loved one, many questions arise that you didn’t need to worry about before. It is all the more important to ask all the questions that come up during planning and organization. Please first take a look at the most frequently asked questions or contact us if anything is unclear. Bestattung Hanser is available for you around the clock.

Which documents are required?

A birth certificate (before 1938: baptismal certificate), a certificate of citizenship (for non-Austrians: a passport), a certificate of residential registration, a marriage certificate (in the case of divorce: divorce decree & in the case of widow / widower: death certificate of the spouse) and proof of any academic degree are required for deregistration at the registry office (if this is not registered anywhere, such as in the marriage certificate).

Can you organize the funeral while you’re still alive?

You can plan your funeral while you are alive; this is called funeral provision and can be deposited with us free of charge. Planning your funeral in advance is a relief especially for the bereaved. They do not have to make difficult decisions on their own after one’s death, but can mourn in peace. In addition, it enables the deceased to receive an individual funeral according to their own wishes. There are no limits to your ideas. We would be happy to advise you and plan a personal and unique funeral service together. You will then receive an overview of your funeral requests, which you can store at home or pass on to relatives.

Can the funeral service be customized?

Of course, together we plan an individual farewell that lovingly says goodbye to your loved one. All variations are open to you to create a fitting farewell. Together we can implement your ideas and organize a unique funeral service. It is important to us to organize the funeral according to your personal preferences. But even within a classical funeral service personal touches can be added. For example with a special piece of music, valuable mementos, unique flower arrangements, photos and much more. We are happy to sit down with you to incorporate alternative ideas into the funeral.

How is the deceased dressed?

Traditionally, many chose a rather simple, dark and elegant clothing. But more and more people prefer to bury the deceased in their everyday clothes. This is more personal and best reflects the natural being of the deceased during their lifetime. In this way, relatives can say goodbye authentically and the dead can walk in the clothes in which they felt most comfortable with.

Can you dress the deceased yourself?

Of course, relatives are allowed to dress or brush the deceased themselves. Many feel very helpless at this time and long to do something good for the person. After getting dressed, some like to leave a photo of the family in the deceased’s pocket. As a parting gift or an eternal memory. Often it is precisely these small and warm gestures that help relatives during their grieving process. You don’t have to worry about any health consequences. The contact with the corpse is completely harmless (except for existing infectious diseases). A goodbye kiss on the cheek or holding the hand are therefore not a problem. If you have any questions, you can ask the coroner for advice. They will be happy to help you feel safe in every step.

Locations & opening times


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A-2410 Hainburg/Donau

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Schwechat branch

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A-2320 Schwechat

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Saturday by appointment
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You can reach us at any time for our pick up service:
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Himberg branch

Ms. Brigitte Preissl-Molnar
Hauptstrasse 55
A-2325 Himberg

Exclusively by appointment by telephone
Tel.: +43 (1) 244 33 52 DW 2325
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Vienna 17 Branch

Hernalser Hauptstrasse 166
A-1170 Vienna

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Sunday: closed

You can reach us at any time for our pick up service:
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You can reach us at any time for our pick up service:
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Mobile: +43 660 190 02 46

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