What to do in the event of death?

We accompany you through all phases

We take the first steps together

In the event of death, the attending doctor or the community physician who will take over the examination of the dead must be notified first. If the deceased is in a hospital, retirement home or nursing home, the institution or home management is responsible for the examination of the dead. Bestattung Hanser is available to advise you on all questions. We are happy to support you in these areas and help with our competent specialist knowledge.

Careful planning of the funeral

Of course, we can be reached by phone around the clock and can be found in our office during the respective opening times. You can arrange a free consultation with us by phone. If you wish, we would be happy to come to your home and advise you on site. We take enough time for your needs and help plan an appropriate funeral. From the beginning to the end. We attach great importance to careful planning that meets your requirements.

Required Documents

From organizing the funeral to carrying it out, we do everything for you. For this we need the most important documents of the deceased person. Therefore, please take the birth certificate (before 1938 the baptismal certificate), the certificate of residential registration, a marriage certificate (in the case of divorce: divorce decree & widow / r: death certificate of the spouse) and the certificate of citizenship. If the deceased person does not have Austrian citizenship, we need the passport instead of the proof of citizenship.

Things that we also need

You are welcome to bring photos of the deceased for an death notice and memorial pictures. You can use your own sayings, templates and more for obituaries, music and more. All design options are open to you in order to make the funeral as personal and unique as possible. If you have an insurance policy (e.g. from the Vienna Association), we ask that you also bring it with you.

We’ll go through everything with you

From the time of the burial, a date of the mass (if desired before the funeral) to the funeral service. Together we make sure that all your wishes and the memory of the deceased person are respected. The funeral service can be accompanied by a freelance orator or the responsible parish. In addition, we organize an individual design of the funeral service and memorial pictures. We are also happy to relieve you of administrative procedures and take care of obtaining the death certificate at the registry office.

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